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What’s the difference between a Free blog and Self-hosted Blog?


You have decided to make the jump into the blogging world! If you’ve done any research on blogging already, you know probably already know how overwhelming it can be if you are completely green to blogging!

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I have created two tutorials to walk you through the two processes for getting your blog started. The two options are how to create a free blog and how to create a self-hosted blog.

In this post I am going to go over the difference between both. Please read this carefully before making your decision.

Pro’s of a Free Blog

  • It is free. F-R-E-E. This is a no brainer and the obvious choice for many just starting out.
  • It is fast. You will literally be online with a website in less than 5 minutes.
  • It is user friendly. Because all of the customization and website management is removed with a free blog, you do not have to worry about running your website or designing it.

Con’s of a Free Blog

  • The most obvious is the URL. My website is, but if I were to have a free blog with that name it would be
  • You get what you pay for. There is no room for customization here, beyond what each theme offers you. With free blogs, you get a choice of free themes and designs but these are only customizable by the theme creators, ie WordPress.
  • You will reach traffic capacity, your site will slow, and that will deter readers from coming to your page.
  • Google does not rank free blogs highly in Google search. This means, no matter how great your content is, Google just simply does not care. To put it in the bluntest way possible.
  • The website in which you create your free blog owns your content. They are literally credited for your content because they host your website. Your content gets indexed into the main website content, which is extremely bad if you care about SEO, growing your blog, growing readers, and making money blogging.
  • If you decided to upgrade your website to a self-hosted blog, you will have to pay for a website transfer (SiteGround will do this for you).

So with that being said. What are the Pro’s and Con’s of buying a self-hosted website?

Pros of a Self-Hosted Blog

  • This is a professional website. Brands and potential clients want to see a professional, business website. A free website will not get ranked on Google which means that if you are working with a Brand, they will know that a blog post won’t do much for their reach.
  • You own it. Simple. It is your property.
  • The content on your blog is indexed under your website. Which means if you are optimizing your posts correctly, using SEO, Google will rank your posts in Google search which is what you want if you want readers to find your website through Google!
  • You are free to do with your website as you please. And you can customize it to your little heart’s content on your own, or with the help of a web designer.
  • Your website will be up and running and you will never have to worry it crashing or being archived altogether.

Cons of a Self-Hosted Blog

  • You will have to do a little reading up on website maintenance and customization (I will be creating tutorials for this)
  • You have to pay for your blog, and the fees that go along with it such as protection against hackers. The upside to this is your blog can easily pay for those fees in you learn how to monetize your blog (another tutorial).

So there is some food for thought on which blog you should go with.

Bottom line: If you can afford to pay for your blog from the get go, do it. You will be so much happier with it in the long run, if you use it correctly.

The worst thing you can possibly do is start a blog and never work on it. Free or self-hosted. A blog will never be successful if you do not put in the time and work. And no one can teach you that!

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