Pinterest Monthly Views

How I EXPLODED my Pinterest Monthly Views!

If you’re a blogger, and you’re not on your Pinterest game by now, you should be. You are missing out. Big time. What you might have thought of Pinterest and its purpose is probably wrong. The top source of blog traffic I receive is through, you guessed it, PINTEREST! Crazy right?! I bet you didn’t realize that Pinterest could be the missing piece to the puzzle, or what really sets your blog traffic on fire! So if you want to know how I grew my Pinterest monthly views by 7 times in 2 months, then read on and take notes!

Pinterest Monthly Views

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I remember the first time I discovered Pinterest. Back in 2012, most likely bored on my phone during a lunch break at work. That is what Pinterest was to me. A mindless activity, and an outlet to dream and create a vision board. I never saw it as a marketing tool for my blog, nor did I care about my Pinterest monthly views.

Fast forward 6 years and I still wasn’t using it for my blog up until 2 months ago. Yes. TWO MONTHS AGO! I had been mindlessly pinning for 6 years! 14,622 pins later, and I finally know how to use this amazing platform correctly. And yes, my Pinterest monthly views really have grown 7 times in 2 months!

Pinterest Monthly Views
June – July Analytics: Pinterest Monthly Views
Pinterest Monthly Views
July – August Analytics: Pinterest Monthly Views
What changed 2 months ago that made me rethink Pinterest?

I relaunched my blog on May 1st, 2018, and started with a clean slate when we left for our travels to Costa Rica. The Christopher Collective was rebranded, and I took on an entirely new marketing approach with my blog. I wanted this time to be different. More organized. A business. Successful. I kept that mindset while I researched everything I possibly could on turning a blog into a lucrative, full-time business.

What I learned was that I was using social media all wrong. I started with Instagram and Twitter in May and created a plan that was (and still is) successfully. By June, I had those two platforms on automation, and were performing outstandingly! In June I discovered two things that changed my blogging game forever!

I started to read how Pinterest was the top traffic source for some of the bloggers I followed. And I wanted to know how they could be making money through PINTEREST! To think, all those years just mindlessly pinning and I could have been making money doing it!

So what was the missing link?

I discovered an online course through one of the articles I was reading about growing your blog traffic with Pinterest. I stumbled upon the amazing course Pinterest Ninjas, and it has seriously been a game changer! This course has taught me so much, and I was so inspired by all of the amazing reviews I had been reading about Pinterest Ninja, that I decided to also by E-Book Ninja so I could continue to learn and grow.

Megan Johnson’s course taught me how to rebrand my Pinterest, how to create viral-worthy pins, and how to market those pins correctly. Everything you need to know about Pinterest and marketing through Pinterest, you will gain through this course. But the learning doesn’t stop there. I am very active in her Facebook Group, which is a community of Pinners, that can learn from each other too!

I only recommend products and tools that I have personally used, or have done extensive research on. This is one of those products that I refer back to almost daily. The course is updated over time, as algorithms change, which is super helpful! I highly recommend Pinterest Ninja to anyone who wants to learn more about how Pinterest can change their blogging game!

But I said there were two game changers that EXPLODED my Pinterest monthly views!

Tailwind Visual Marketing SuiteAnd that my friends, is Tailwind.

What is Tailwind you ask? It is a scheduler for Pinterest and Instagram. I personally don’t use it for Instagram and only for Pinterest. Tailwind is amazing. Seriously. And if you haven’t tried it out before, you can get a free trial to test it out before you subscribe, plus a $15 credit which is a month free! Once you try out Tailwind, it will become pretty clear how amazing it is!

When I started using Tailwind, I had about 750 followers, which isn’t bad for someone who was just pinning for fun. A majority came from a board that I created a few years ago, that was all about beer. I know right? *insert facepalm here* Brett and I had gotten really into brewing beer one year, and where did I turn to for beer brewing inspiration? Pinterest of course. Long story short, Pinterest featured my beer board for a day or two, and my following blew up.

My Pinterest monthly views were sitting around 26,000. That sounds like a lot, but sadly, the way Pinterest works now, that is small potatoes. I started using Tailwind on June 10th. And applying what I had learned in Pinterest Ninja, and my Pinterest following, Pinterest monthly views, and blog traffic grew overnight. It was amazing! My Pinterest monthly views are currently at 190,000, and still growing!

What I love about Tailwind is it is not just a scheduling program.

It runs detailed analytics of my Pinterest business account. It shows me what’s working and what is not. Pinterest does that too, but Tailwind does it better. There will always be the endless debate about whether or not you should schedule pins or manually pin. Personally, I do both. I see the effects of manually pinning, in a combination of scheduled pinning. Tailwind shows me when my viewers and followers are most active, and when I have the most engagement. This is crucial to know so you pin at the right times!

Tailwind also has this thing called Tribes. They are literally tribes of pinners, that help each other out by engaging on each other’s pins! This is so beneficial! I receive more engagement from the Tribes I am in than the Pinterest groups I am in.

What makes Tailwind so great, is that once my pins are scheduled out, I only have to worry about going into Pinterest a couple times a day to do a few manual pins. Pinterest prefers manual pins, of course. So doing this makes you look good to the Pinterest Algorithm. And if your Pinterest profile is set up right, and you are contributing your own pins to Tribes and Pinterest group boards, then the traffic to your blog with grow too!

So have I convinced you to try out Pinterest Ninja and Tailwind? Are you already on Tailwind, but looking to learn more about growing your presence on Pinterest? I cannot recommend Pinterest Ninja more! If followed correctly, the course literally pays for itself, with a little hard work! Happy Pinning!


Pinterest Monthly Views
Pinterest Monthly Views
Pinterest Monthly Views
Pinterest Monthly Views
Pinterest Monthly Views
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    1. This was super helpful. I’m late to the pintrest game but I need to get on. Additionally, I’m using a trial of Taileind and Ibknow I need to make better use of it. I will definately ne using this as a resource in the future.

      1. Hi Lindsay! That’s great! I really hope you are enjoying Tailwind! It is my favourite scheduling tool! There is so much you can utilize Tailwind for, such as Instagram scheduling which I haven’t even touched yet! I highly recommend checking out Pinterest Ninja! It will really teach you everything you NEED to know about Pinterest! It helped me sooooo much! Cheers!

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