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How to Create a FREE Blog in 2019!

Yass girl, I see you.

You are PUMPED for 2019, and what a better way to kick off the year than by starting your very first free blog!

Disclaimer: some of the links within this post are affiliate links. At no additional cost or inconvenience to you, I will make a commission if you chose to make a purchase.

I created my first free blog back in 2012 (R.I.P. Salt & Whiskey) when I knew nothing about blogging, and my website was a complete embarrassment! All I knew was I wanted to share my food with the world.

I would upload mediocre (at best) photos of recipes I was working on in my kitchen.

I knew NOTHING about SEO or how to run a successful blog! And I am pretty sure my mom and my aunt were my only readers…

Quite frankly- I was a hot mess! But this sparked something in me that I am now so passionate about!

Luckily, with a little help, I hope to help each of you create the blog you dream of, and the one I wish I had 7 years ago!

So here we go, you’ve decided on going the free route, which there is NOTHING wrong with, but if you are unfamiliar between the differences (and benefits) of a free blog vs. a self-hosted blog, you can check out my quick comparison guide here.

**NOTE** I do not recommend using any blogging platform (free blog or paid self-hosted blog) other than WordPress. Simply because WordPress is the platform you would use if you upgrade to paid. It is the most user-friendly, and the most popular among bloggers.

Just to clarify, there is the WordPress free blog, and there is WordPress self-hosted that you set up through SiteGround or BlueHost. This is the difference between WordPress .com and WordPress .org.

**NOTE** I do not recommend Bluehost at all. I was with them for years and their customer service is among the worst I’ve ever dealt with. And I have tried many hosting companies. I do have a blog post on how to setup BlueHost here though from when I was still self-hosted by them).

To save yourself a buck (and a headache) in the long run, just stick with WordPress. They are the gold standard in the blogging world, and the best by Google standards.

And Google is God.

Let’s begin

Go to and click on Get Started.

Free Blog

Fill out the form below. This is just getting your account information set up. Simple stuff. And keep it simple! There is nothing like remembering dozens of logins!

3. Now, let’s create a site! This is the fun part.

**NOTE**Your site name is not your URL! It is just the name of your site.

If my website URL is then my website name is “The Christopher Collective”. It’s very unlikely that you would deviate from your URL for your site name.

Next, enter in what your blog will be about ie: DIY, motherhood, fashion, beauty tutorials, etc. Finally, select what the goals are that you have for your blog!   

4. Now let’s select a domain name! This is your URL! Mine is to get a domain like mine that does not have .wordpress .wix .blogspot .blogger etc, you have to pay for your domain.

So for this example, I named my site Mama Entrepreneurs Blogging Website so the keyword I entered in the domain search is mama entrepreneurs. Lucky me! is available!

Press the Select button directly next to the word FREE.

The top two select options are paid options that I do not recommend.

If you MUST have your own domain name but don’t want to pay for self-hosting your blog just yet, go to I just bought for $1.24 ya’ll.


If you want to do that, this still does not mean you own your website. It just means that you don’t have .wordpress at the end of your URL, it is still technically a free blog.

You have to have self-hosting to own your website, just because you own the URL, WordPress can still shut down your free blog at anytime because they technically own it and host it, not you.

You can select to enter your own domain name in the previous step if this is what you want to do. Feel free to message me if you need help with integrating your own domain into a free blog if that is what you want to do. It is straightforward, but for the sake of keeping this tutorial simple, I will continue with the .wordpress completely free version.

Now let’s pick a plan!

Select “Start with Free”  

You did it! Your blog is officially official! In the next tutorial, I will go over some of the customization options available in the options!

Disclaimer: These opinions are all our own. The Christopher Collective is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or paid by any of the brands mentioned unless otherwise stated. We do however make a small commission through affiliate marketing if you chose to purchase anything through the links we’ve suggested. This, in turn, allows us to keep writing the blog, which is awesome. Please refer to our terms and conditions, and privacy policy for more information, or feel free to contact us.

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