MONQ - A Personal Essential Oil Diffuser

MONQ – A Personal Essential Oil Diffuser

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I can’t believe it is February! Did anyone else feel like January was never-ending?

MONQ - A Personal Essential Oil Diffuser
MONQ – A Personal Essential Oil Diffuser

As you all know, I love reflecting on the previous month and the goals I had for that month! And since January is officially over, I want to talk about one of the biggest goals I have for myself for 2019.

And it’s a whole new niche for me!

I have made my health and self-care my top priorities for 2019, and so far, January has been a success!

And I am not just talking about getting my pre-baby bod back, or treating myself to a spa day, no-no.

This family is going on a full-fledged health kick!

From starting to use and learn all about essential oils, and other natural wonders, to completely changing the way we eat as a family and nourish our bodies.

A big part of my health goals this year is to manage my stress in a completely natural way. And unfortunately, I am a naturally stressful person.

And a friend of mine told me about MONQ, a personal essential oil diffuser, and now I am obsessed! You’ve probably tried essential oils in a room diffuser, but this is completely different!

It is an individual and portable essential oil cabinet in your pocket.

MONQ - A Personal Essential Oil Diffuser
MONQ – A Personal Essential Oil Diffuser

It is so tiny and convenient that you can take it anywhere with you. All you have to do is breath your favorite blend in through your mouth, and out through your nose.

The blend I am trying now is called Focus, and is one of the newest blends. After the holidays, and all of the crazy goals I set for myself in January, I knew I needed the extra cognitive clarity to get through my busy schedule.

Focus is a breathable nootropic comprised of 20 organic essential oils blended into a convenient, and chargeable diffuser. It is light, and refreshing, and has some of my favorite oils like bergamot, cardamom, and grapefruit.

There are so many different blends to choose from. Whether you’re feeling relaxed with the Zen blend, or finding peace and quiet with the Sleepy blend, there is something for everyone.

This is aromatherapy; simplified.

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