Welcome to the Christopher Collective!

We are two Vancouverites with a passion for travel and experiencing new cultures.

This website is a launching point for us and will provide our unique perspective and insights on all things travel, lifestyle and entrepreneurship.

I should also mention, we have a 5-month-old son, Jack, who is making his first foray abroad. We really want to give readers our take on some pretty cool and out of the way destinations, with lots of resources and helpful advice that we have learnt along the way, and to help everyone else live the lifestyle of their dreams.

We like to see countries through a local perspective, most of our travels are on a budget, with backpacks in tow. We aim to give readers an open and honest perspective of the places we’ve visited, while offering pointers on the best experiences that make each and every destination unique.

So, we hope you enjoy our content and be sure to give us a like on Facebook and Instagram!



Brett & Megan Christopher