What we learned in our third month of blogging

What We Learned in Our Third Month of Blogging

Our third month of blogging! Time has been flying! We’ve learned so much, and have accomplished so much. But July was also an extremely busy month for us. If you haven’t read our previous post already, then read on to find out why it was so busy.

What we learned in our third month of blogging

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I know. It is not almost the middle of August. And I am just getting around to writing about our third month of blogging. But when I say July was busy, I mean it was really busy. From working with new clients, tackling a huge ongoing project (that is still in the works), and MOVING(!!!)! I’ve had little to no time to write.

I will save what has been going on since August 1st for next months post, just to keep relevant within this post!

Side Hustling

I have mentioned before that I have been working on a project that I have been keeping under wraps! And if you are subscribed to my newsletter, then you know a little bit more already.

So here it is.

I’m writing an e-book/ course on blogging! I get so many inquiries now on how to start up a blog. I’ve worked with clients to kick-start their own online careers, and I wanted a simpler way to teach blogging.

With all the questions I was getting, I couldn’t find a good method to show clients virtually how to do something. I began writing guides, and now I’ve started to play around with video guides. But I didn’t want to just throw something together and call it a day.

I want this guide to be foolproof so that anyone could follow it. Students will gain tools to start a blog from the beginning stages of buying a domain, to applying for affiliates and starting to monetize. This will be a comprehensive e-book/ course (I can’t decide what route to go), and it will be completely unbias. Filled with reviews on competitive products, all of which I will have used personally, or have done extensive research on.

So if you’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a blog of any kind, or maybe you need a website for your business. Then you will want to check out this blogging guide! You need to subscribe to my mailing list to get updates and to learn more about this product.

I will be releasing the early stages of the guide to a select few for FREE!

But you have to be signed up for my newsletter to get it for free! In the coming weeks, I will need a few students who want to start a blog and can follow the guide, and give me honest feedback before I release it to the public. So if this is something you’d be interested in, be sure to sign up to my newsletter because that is the only way you will gain access to the free guide!


I have been talking about our visa run for a while. But it was getting to be too complicated to go to Nicaragua. We did some searching for an ideal place in Tamarindo, and how we could get to Nicaragua with expired visas. However, it was becoming more and more apparent that we needed to head back to Canada.

Jack is still so little. As I am writing this, he is nearing his 9 month birthday, but he is tiny! He has always been tiny, since birth. And with Canada’s free health care, we knew we needed to utilize our amazing Canadian resources to make sure Jack is getting everything he needs. That’s not to imply that there is, or was, anything wrong! He is as healthy as can be! We all are (although we all got the flu nearly the minute we touched Canadian soil).

This doesn’t mean our travels are over.

Brett and I will both be back to work shortly, and with that comes hard-earned vacation time. Which we will be using for some new, but much shorter, adventures. Iceland? Spain? Thailand? We can cram anything into a week or two if we want to! There is a whole world out there to see! And there are some amazing resources out there like Skyscanner, that can find some fantastic last minute adventures. Even for the weekend! So here’s to new adventures!


I know anyone who is a blogger that has been following my past monthly blogging reports, has been eagerly waiting for our third month of blogging report, to hear about our analytics and social media trends. Given that I only wrote 4 posts in July, and wasn’t as active as I could have been. Which was due to our undecided moving plans, and the lack of WIFI at our house. That being said, I am happy to report that we maintained our analytics and social media trends! Our third month of blogging wasn’t as lucrative as I had hoped, but that is as a result of not having WIFI, and being too preoccupied with travel arrangements, and packing.

We were lucky enough to be featured in an online magazine! We received a huge spike in traffic and engagement from this one post. I have also received several inquiries about our travels, and how I’ve started a blog and online business from readers of this publication. What an honour it was to interview with Jen, and be featured in such an inspirational publication!

You can check out that post out on International Living!

Pinterest has been our top traffic source, aside from the residual traffic and engagement I’ve received from our featured interview. Using Tailwind is seriously what kept our blog running while I couldn’t access WIFI, or was too busy to create new content. If you haven’t checked out Tailwind yet, you need to! You can get $15 (one month free) of Tailwind when you sign up using my code! One of the days I trekked down to the coffee shop and mooched off their WIFI, I spent an hour plugging in a whole month worth of pins, including my own, into Tailwind. And that drove my traffic for the rest of the month. I scheduled out my blog posts on WordPress, and literally didn’t have to do anything except promote on social media! That’s money in the bank that I didn’t even have to work for!

What’s in store for August? Well, technically we are already more than halfway through August. And so far it has been a write-off, blog-wise. That doesn’t mean I won’t have anything to share for my fourth month of blogging report!


Third Month of Blogging
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