what we learned in our second month of blogging

What We Learned in Our Second Month of Blogging

Happy Canada Day fellow Canadians! Another month has come and gone, and it’s time to share what we learned in our second month of blogging. We are well into rainy season, here in Costa Rica. The locals tell us that the Indian Summer comes in July, and brings drier days. Fingers crossed for that, because we could use a few more beach days!

what we learned in our second month of blogging

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What we learned in our second month of blogging, has been very different from our first. In our first month of blogging, we were just starting to understand the power of Twitter. This month it has been Pinterest. Before I dive into what we have learned, I will just say this one thing:

Sometimes less is more.

Social Media


In May, we had just figured out the mother ship that is Twitter. Unfortunately that was at the very end of the month, and it didn’t have much impact on our month overall. What we learned in our second month of blogging is that Twitter did really well for us. We’ve seen significant growth over all of our Twitter accounts, although not as much as we had hoped! You can follow us here at The Christopher Collective, Megan, and Brett.

Twitter started off as a seemingly gold mind of traffic to our blog (and it is, this is by no mean bashing). However, we started to realize that Twitter may not be the right social media tool for us. I had mentioned in last months review that what you might think is the right social media platform for you, might actually not be. And that has proven to be true for us. The only reason for this is, we have found that our niche tends to hang out the most on Instagram, Facebook Groups, and Pinterest.

Yes, yes. We know that travel bloggers are on Twitter, we’re not implying they’re not. In order for us to target the audience that we want, we need to start rubbing elbows with like minded bloggers in our specific niche. So while we are still going to focus on Twitter (for me, I personally love the female comradery that I’ve started to develop within the blogging community), we are going to switch it up for July.


In my last months review, I talked about how we thought Instagram was the right social media outlet for us, and how wrong we were. Well, with a little elbow grease and the help of a few tools, we’ve been able to turn that around. Quite significantly too, particularly for myself. You can follow us at The Christopher Collective, Megan, Brett, and even baby Jack has an Instagram. (Yes, I am THAT mom!)

what we learned in our second month of blogging

I love Instagram. It is an amazing way to share your life with others. Especially for us who have been traveling Costa Rica for two months now. Family and friends like to see what we are doing (we think!).

We kept up with our posts to Instagram in June, and suddenly Brett and I both started to see daily spikes in engagement and followers. I had reevaluated how we posted, when we posted, and what we posted. We considered every detail from hashtags, to color schemes to coordinating posts that would lead to blog link clicks. And it worked!

My personal Instagram grew by 1500 followers in 30 days. 1500! Maybe that isn’t a lot for some, but I was struggling to get past 500. What seemed like overnight, I was at a thousand, so 1500 in one month amazes me! I’d love to share my secret to my Instagram growth with you! But you’ll have to subscribe to our newsletter to get that juicy little tidbit. And I only see our accounts (except Jack’s, his is just for fun), growing exponentially over the next month.


Oh Pinterest. How I love to pin all of the things! There’s that meme, “playing video games is the same thing as being on Pinterest all day!” “Yeah? So when did your play station make us enchiladas?”. It’s no lie, I love Pinterest, and Brett loves his Play Station (although that did not come to Costa Rica with us).

I’ve been on Pinterest for years, so I have a lot of pins. And a lot is an understatement. But I never really thought about it as a marketing tool. I knew that other bloggers used it, but I didn’t even know how I could apply that to my own blog. Aside from throwing my blog url into the bio on my profile.

What we learned in our second month of blogging

How I have been missing out! Pinterest is like a search engine, just like Google. If you want to look up a recipe, do you go to Google, or do you go to Pinterest? I know what I do. And I know that my travel board and blogging boards on Pinterest are jammed packed with good info I have found on Pinterest. You can follow me here!

Just like Twitter last month, I have just started to figure out how Pinterest will be beneficial for the blog. So needless to say that is going to be my focus for July. I am working on new strategies and marketing techniques. I have also found some AMAZING tools, that I can’t wait to talk about next month after I’ve implemented all of them!


Again, just when we thought Facebook had no value, it surprised us. We started discovering a whole plethora of blogging groups, Pinterest groups, and travel groups. All of these groups have broaden our network of friends, given us exposure to our blog, and have taught us so many new things! These groups are like support groups for bloggers! I will be sharing a few of my favorites in an upcoming newsletter! (See what I did there 😉 ?)

So what we learned in our second month of blogging is social media has completely changed the game for us. We’ve learned a lot about what’s available to us, and what we’ve been neglecting to utilize!

Blog Posts

Remember when I said less is more? Well I meant it. I posted six posts in June. SIX! That is an embarrassing number to me! And not only that, two were repurposed posts that I had formatted incorrectly, when we first launched. But you know what? Over all, between social media, page views, unique users to the blog, and newsletter sign ups? We nearly doubled our first month. What we learned in our second month of blogging is that quality over quantity wins. I don’t want readers that are just going to click the page, then leave. I want readers. I want readers that come back because they read a post I shared somewhere and though “Hey, that was some good stuff. I’m going to check back.” Or you know, join my newsletter. 😉

Sharing the few posts that we had up this month, and focusing on our reach and relationship building, proved to be super successful! That being said, we are ramping it up for July. I am still focusing on quality. However, if I apply the same tactics I used to make those few posts last month super successful, then July should be ground breaking!

Side Projects

There is another reason why I wasn’t able to ramp up a few more posts than I would have liked to. I honestly had planned on more than what I did write. I have a dozen or so drafts in my Google Docs that are half written.

Brett and I have been working on several side projects, all to build this brand into the vision I had in my mind when we started this. These side projects are still under wraps for now. But (you know what’s coming), if you sign up for my newsletter, you will hear a LOT more about them sooner! I like to keep my secrets, and special bits of information for my subscribers. So if you haven’t done so, please subscribe (last time, I swear)! It is really easy to find on the right hand sidebar. I will never spam your email, and I only want to get you as excited as I am about what’s in store for The Christopher Collective!

So with all that being said, what we learned in our second month of blogging is that July is going to be big. YUUGE! And I will keep my promises that it will be worth your while to check back frequently to see what we have been working on! It’s an exciting month ahead of us, and we are SO. READY. FOR. IT! Boss Mom OUT! ✌🏼


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what we learned in our second month of blogging

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    1. I definitely think you’re right about Instagram and Pinterest being better for your niche. As you say, there are travel bloggers on Twitter but I think people interested in travel are as interested in the pictures as the stories, so Instagram and Pinterest are great platforms for that! Also, well done on making progress on Instagram. I had my doubts about it, but I’ve noticed putting a bit more effort into it is bringing in some rewards.

      Keep up the great work!

      1. Thanks Ruth! Yes we are definitely starting to find out what is really working for us, social media wise! Cheers!

    1. Yay! Sounds like you guys did great in June! I just finished my first month and learned so much! Can’t wait to see what month two brings for me and month three brings for you! <3

      1. Thanks girl! So exciting!!! And it is so great to have made blogging friends, like you! To go through this blogging journey with, and share our ups and downs!

    1. Great job! I’m a newbie blogger, too, and it seems like everyday you need to learn something new! I’m glad to see a fellow blogger succeeding so quickly— you’ve inspired me 😊

      1. Awe you’re so kind! Everyday is a learning experience, and it always will be! Even a year from now! Social media changes, algorithms change, people change! As bloggers, we are constantly adapting, learning and growing! I just took a look at your blog and it looks great! You are writing some great quality posts, and that is the most important part of blogging!

    1. Great info. I thank you all for your insight. I officially launch in August and I am gathering all information I can. Social Media can be a beast and trying to understand every aspect of it is taking time. I look forward to your upcoming post.

      1. It is never ending! Social media really is a beast! And it changes alllll theeee tiiiiimmeeeeee! It can be frustrating. Once you get your brain wrapped around an algorithm, it changes again! But I find it so interesting! Please let me know when you’re blog is launched so I can check it out!

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