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Why You Should Sign Up for Amazon Prime!

It’s that time of year again! It’s like Christmas, but Christmas in July! Except this is better, because it is almost Amazon Prime Day! If you own a smartphone, computer or any sort of advertising device like say a car radio, you KNOW what Amazon Prime Day is! Advertising is everywhere! But maybe you live under a rock, and you don’t know what Amazon Prime Day is. Or maybe you’ve been on the fence about signing up for Amazon Prime. I want to give you some great reasons why you absolutely should sign up for Amazon Prime. And BEFORE Prime Day!

Sign Up for Amazon Prime

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I love Amazon, particularly Amazon Prime. Although I might not get same day shipping, or even two day shipping to Costa Rica. This is still a website and service, that I cannot live without. If you haven’t heard, Amazon Prime Day starts at 3pm ET July 16, 2018. And the sales will be on for a whopping 36 hours! Their longest Prime Day Event yet! There are some very fantastic reasons why you should sign up for Amazon Prime. Aside from the obvious ones like same day shipping, or access to their exclusive Amazon Prime services and subscriptions. Leading up to Amazon Prime, I will be releasing a few lists of Amazon items I will be watching for deals on! Products that we love, and those we are adding to our wishlist! Let’s dive into it shall we!

Why You Should Sign Up for Amazon Prime

30 Days Free!

It is free, I repeat FREE to sign up for 30 days! You get access to everything Prime members already do! This is perfect for test driving an amazing service, but also taking advantage of all of the Prime deals and privileges on Prime Day! So there really is no excuse to not sign up for Amazon Prime, because you can cancel at anytime! No Obligations or contracts! Plus, when you are finished your 30 days, and you realize how freaking amazing Amazon Prime is, it is only $12.99 monthly, or $119 annually. Nickles and dimes, if you ask me! You can thank me later for convincing you to sign up for Amazon Prime!

Get $10 Added to Your Account!

When you sign up for Amazon Prime, you are prompted to download the Amazon App. Do this! You will get $10 add to your account when you download, and sign into the Amazon app for the first time! Free money! Just for signing up! Use it to buy that Instant Pot you were kicking yourself for not being one of the roughly 250,000 who bought it during last years sale! It was one of their top sellers!

Underrated Shipping Perks!

We all know Amazon Prime is famous for their 2 day free shipping, their next day shipping, and now their 2 hour shipping (some restrictions apply). But did you know that you benefit from selecting “no rush” on your order when you are a Prime member? Selecting “no rush” still gets your package to your doorstep within a 6 day shipping period, which is not long at all. But you also get rewards or discounts! Allowing Amazon the extra time to ship your order might mean a cool discount added to your current or future order, or a unique reward added to your account! Pretty cool. So if you don’t need that unicorn onesie like yesterday, then maybe by selecting no rush you’ll save a buck or two, or get a sweet reward!

Receive Exclusive Offers On Subscription Services

Amazon is constantly adding new, and amazingly cool features to their Prime memberships. Have you tried Amazon Fresh yet, or Amazon Pantry? Unlimited groceries delivered to you for $14.99 monthly! This is certainly a luxury I miss having in North America. Amazon Fresh wasn’t available at the time, so I had another local grocer deliver our household shopping list weekly after I had Jack. With a newborn (at the time), I cannot say enough how helpful this was for me! If I had access to Amazon Fresh, trust me, I would be using it now since I already had Amazon knocking on my door at least weekly. Now I can’t get groceries delivered to Costa Rica, but the way Amazon is seriously taking over the world, I do not see it outside of the realm of possibilities in the near future!

Not only are they providing grocery delivery services, but now they are providing home services too! When you sign up for Amazon Prime, you now have access to services like house cleaning, and furniture assembly! How cool is that? You can literally grocery shop, book a cleaner and shop for a new cat scratch post, all from the comfort of your couch! Winning!

Prime Launches

One of the main reasons you should sign up for Amazon Prime, is obviously to take advantage of all of the exclusive deals available only to Prime members. But did you know that Amazon is releasing new products available for a limited time, only offered to Prime members? Most of us suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), and I am telling you, these products are exclusive, because they are great products!

Amazon Wardrobe – Try Before You Buy!

This is hands down the coolest feature yet! Amazon now has a try-on service! Now you literally do not have to leave your house, like ever. Not even to try on clothes, which is amazing, because I loath the mall. Now (on eligible items), all you have to do is select a few items from clothing, shoes and accessories, and have them sent to your home. Try them on, and return what you don’t want within 7 days, and only pay for what you keep! Seriously! How cool is this? Amazon is constantly updating their own in-house lines, but also many of our other favorite brands! Never get stuck with an online clothing purchase that you will regret!

Movies, Music and More

This is a very well known feature to Amazon Prime memberships, but just in case you weren’t aware there are some great entertainment options available when you sign up for Amazon Prime. These are just a FEW offered! You have access to unlimited music streaming, AD FREE, regularly $7.99, but now through July 17th (the end of the Prime sale), Prime members can get Amazon Music for just $0.99 for 4 months! Step aside overpriced Spotify! Even if you don’t sign up for Amazon Prime, you can still access Amazon Music and get a 30 day free trial!

Then there is Amazon Video. The Netlix of Amazon. We’ve serious seen almost everything available on Netflix. Although, we don’t watch much T.V. here (by T.V. I mean streaming on the iPad; we don’t have a T.V.). When it storms though, or it is a crappy day not worth packing up and heading down to the beach (rough life, I know), we have been able to cuddle up, watch the storms, and a couple shows on Amazon Prime! When you sign up for Amazon Prime, you get everything that is included with Prime, plus the option to pay for only the channels that YOU want! No more stupid subscriptions to cable providers! We bled money paying for Telus, and for no reason! In Canada, we mostly watched Netflix, Crave and HBO. THAT’S IT! So why were we paying over $100! You can add HBO to your Prime membership for just $14.99!

And if you LOVE your Kindle then you will love 3 months of unlimited reading for $0.99. Or enjoy a 30 day free trial! I have yet to get into Kindles, and reading on something digital. Which is hypocritical, because I spend the early mornings scrolling my phone, reading articles or the E-books I’ve purchased. And I packed only 1 book with me to Costa Rica, so I am surprised I haven’t gotten into reading digitally on the likes of a Kindle. Currently adding to our wishlist!

So are you convinced yet? Are you going to sign up for Amazon Prime, and take advantage of all these amazing deals and features?It is free for 30 days, so you REALLY have ZERO reason not to!

Bookmark the Amazon homepage for instant access to lightening deal and sneak peaks leading up to Prime Day, as well as pre-sale deals. And check back here for some of my favorite products, that I will be watching Amazon for on Prime Day! What deals are you excited about for Amazon Prime Day? Let me know in the comments.


Sign Up For Amazon Prime
Sign Up For Amazon Prime
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